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You might be wondering what exactly are freebies? they tend to be small, sample-sized items in a wide range of products. Over the years, I’ve gotten t-shirts, pens, coffee, calendars, magazine subscriptions, cereal, grocery coupons, candy, posters, and way more – all for free!

If you’re wondering why companies give away free stuff, remember these aren't high dollar items like TVs or computers. Sometimes companies give away samples of new products, other times they’re items that need a boost in sales, while sometimes they’re simply company swag with a logo plastered on it! You won't get rich requesting freebies, but you'll get a lot of neat samples and you might start finding yourself getting excited to check the mailbox every day.

As for requesting freebies, it couldn’t be easier! Simply click on any link that sounds interesting to you and you’ll be taken to the company’s website. From there, you should see a form asking for your name and mailing address.

Direct shipment is a method of delivering goods from the supplier or the product owner to the customer directly. In most cases, the customer orders the goods from the product owner. This delivery scheme reduces transportation and storage costs, but requires additional planning and administration

Email me your email and ill send you the latest updates on freebies!

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